Alex Wright

Alex tends to spend most of his time pondering over the prospect of either going for all out glory, selling his soul, making a fortune and getting a foot on the London property ladder. Or, becoming a recluse following the indecisive path of the esoteric and the divine. He will probably continue to ponder until his last dying day.

Alex is also a founder editor and designer of LE GUN. He studied his first degree in Manchester and then his masters at the Royal College of Art.

Here: Refuse, a potential public awareness ad campaign addressing lifespan and recycling. The entire approach involves the ethos of continuity, death and lifecycle being applied to process. Posters have been printed in pigment concocted from discarded food. The posters slowly change in appearance over time creating continually fresh stimuli
for the audience.

Down there: A Story of the Universe. Some believe that the Universe has been expanding yet decelerating since the beginning. 'They' say the process will eventually reverse and we, along with everything else, will be compressed into something we cannot possibly conceive. The form of this book is directly correlative to its content mapping this possible journey.

Alex Wright